how do i clean my ps4

How Do I Clean My PS4 | Step By Step Approach

Many of us aren’t able to avail of the PS5 Restocks, meaning we are still playing some of the most popular PS4 games on the console we trust. The issue is that when you use it for a long time dust is bound to accumulate on both the outside and inside of the casing, and this can be a challenge to clean. 

It’s not possible to just leave it the way it is because the accumulation of dust can result in your PS4 overheating, which could create a huge amount of irritation during an intense game. The process of cleaning dust from the PS4 is somewhat of the reputation of being difficult and with good reason. 

It’s not simple unless you are aware of how to do it; make a mistake or you’ll find your PS4 could not operate smoothly when you begin to set it up. The good news is that cleaning your PS4 is simple with a bit of help. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps you must do step-by-step to make sure that your PS4 runs as fresh as new.

Before I go on the path, I’d like to note that once you begin dismantling your PS4 to clean the inside it will be void of warranty. If your PS4 is running hot during the warranty period (usually one year) you should contact customer service instead of cleaning it up yourself.

How Do I Clean My PS4?

Also, you should know that these steps will differ according to whether you have an original PS4 or an PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro. To make things even more complicated There’s another variant of the initial PS4 which was released in the months following September 2015, and differs slightly. These photos are for the original model however I’ve highlighted how the steps differ from the other models.

1. Make sure your PS4 is turned off and all cables have been separated from the console’s frame.

2. The next step is to scrub the outside part of the PS4. To accomplish this, grab your compressed air bottle and spray spay air blasts into the ports, both in the front and back, along with the vents. Be sure to maintain the can upright while you spray, and maintain your distance to avoid spraying water in the PS4.

3. Next, use a clean microfiber cloth over the surface on your PS4 to eliminate obvious dust. If you have this cloth in your hand, you can wipe the entire surface, and the area in which your PS4 is located. This will remove any dust that your PS4 could accumulate once it is back in its place.

4. Now comes the difficult part cleaning the insides. Make sure you’ve cleared the space and have an adequate source of illumination to observe what you’re doing.

5. If this is the first cleaning your PS4 and you have an original PS4 then you’ll require removing the warranty labels from the back, not the least since you’ll require the removal of the screws underneath the stickers. Be aware that if the PS4 is under warranty, you should contact customer service instead of cleaning the internals by yourself. If it’s still covered under warranty, the unit shouldn’t require cleaning.

6. If you own an original PS4 like the one shown here You’ll notice four screws on the back of the console. They are located below the warranty sticker. They hold the case in place, so remove the screws by using a T8 or a T9 Torx screwdriver.

If you own a later version of the version of the original PS4 There’s only one label and one screw. If you own an earlier model, such as a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro There’s no screw.

7. If you own one or both of these original PlayStation 4s you’ll need to turn your PS4 upside down, so that it’s on top. It should be now possible to lift the console’s bottom by squeezing the edges and corners away This may require some effort but don’t push it.

In the case of PS4 Slim and PS4 Slim make sure the console is straight up and gently lift off the outer casing to the front of the console.

8. When you are ready to set the case aside take care to clean all dust from the inside with your microfiber cloth.

9. If you have a later model of the PS4 then you’ll have a massive metal plate on top. If you have an original console you’ll be looking down at the bottom and be able to see a mixture of plastic casings and the power supply and the fan in view.

10. Place your finger gently in the middle of the fan in order to keep it in place. After that, spray a couple of quick blasts of pressured air inside the fan in order to loosen dust. It’s crucial to maintain the fan’s position while you’re doing this, since pushing it to spin could cause damage to the device.

11. If you’re using the PS4 Slim and Pro, you’ll need the Phillips screwdriver to cut off the plastic case that covers the metal plate that is located at the rear of the console. The smaller plate of metal. Take it off with your screwdriver T8 or T9.

12. Now , you’ll be looking at the entire metal plate that covers the vast majority part of the area. Unscrew the screws that are holding it in place, and then carefully lift it off.

13. If you have the first PS4 console, you’re likely need to dismantle the power supply in order to gain access to the internals. Remove the five screws in the image (they’re located slightly differently on later versions) Then gently lift it off and put it away be sure not to remove the power cord.

14. No matter what console you are using you’ll be able see the inside of the fan as well as the entire internals. Utilize compressed air to slowly and gently spray dust in short bursts of air from the components. However, be sure to place something inside the fan, like cotton swabs, to stop it from turning. Make sure to direct the air to blast dust upwards and off the fans and the components. Focusing on the heatsink is an excellent idea too. (the grille is in the image below).

15. Let the console air dry for around an hour prior to taking it apart again.

So there you are You’re now able to say that your PS4 will run more effortlessly and quiet. Make sure to keep it clean in the space it’s sitting in often to prevent dust from accumulating in a hurry.

The Bottom Line

I hope after reading this blog, you are now able to clean your PS4. Please use the above method and share your experiences in the comment section. Thank You!