How to Clean a Nespresso Machine

How to Clean a Nespresso Machine: Know The Full Procedure

Having a Nespresso machine is essentially like having a top-tier barista at your disposal. However, like with any other equipment, frequent cleaning is required to guarantee optimal performance. So, if you haven’t been cleaning your coffee machine, now is the moment. Follow these instructions to learn how to clean a Nespresso machine properly (once a month!) and it will continue to provide you fresh-tasting coffee for years to come.

How to Clean a Nespresso Machine

Although a Nespresso machine is a very useful kitchen gadget, it is not self-cleaning. Unfortunately, the residue left behind by previous brews can accumulate over time, and if it isn’t washed away with frequent maintenance, your beloved coffee maker may begin producing substandard cups of joe—or worse, it could cease producing anything at all. The good news is that cleaning a Nespresso machine is simple (read: no elbow grease required).

What you’ll need 

  • Dish soap
  • A container that can hold 32 ounces of water (and fits under the machine head)

How to do it 

Step 1: Clean and rinse the water tank. First, take out the water tank and pour it into the sink. Before refilling the tank with fresh drinking water, hand wash it with a little dish detergent and thoroughly rinse it. Return the full, clean tank to its original location.

Step 2: Take care of the capsule container. If there are still traces of yesterday’s coffee in the machine, lift the top and remove the used Nespresso capsule. Next, remove the capsule container and hand wash it with dish soap and water; once clean, replace it.

Step 3: Clean the drip tray. You know the drill: just remove the drip tray, wash it with soap and warm water, and replace it.

Step 4: Preheat the machine. When it’s finished, the light will go from blinking to steady.

Step 5: Start the cleaning procedure. Place a container large enough to hold 1 liter of water on the cup tray after the machine’s light is steady white. Then, within two seconds, click the machine’s button three times in quick succession to begin the cleaning procedure. Water should start pouring out of the coffee outlet in around 2 minutes, and the entire rinsing should take about 7 minutes.

How to Descale a Nespresso Machine 

Coffee residue isn’t the only thing slowing down your Nespresso machine and affecting the flavor of your beverage—the minerals in tap water may generate limescale accumulation, which will eventually impact the functionality of your equipment. To avoid this, the machine should be descaled every three months. This procedure is similar to the last one in that it requires the use of the Nespresso descaling liquid—a chemical solution meant to remove tough mineral deposits. Are you ready to begin? Simply follow the procedures below to descale your machine, and it will be as good as new.

Step 1: Remove the drip tray and capsule container from the machine. Before reinstalling them, give them a brief wash.

Step 2: Drain the water tank. Remove any remaining water from the tank and replace it with one unit of Nespresso descaling liquid and 17 ounces (.5 L) of water. Replace the tank in the machine.

Step 3: Preheat the machine. To switch on and begin heating the machine, close and lock it. When the machine is ready for use, the light will cease flashing.

Step 4: Start the descaling process. This is where things get a bit tricky, so pay close attention, friends: To begin, open the machine head and discharge the capsule. Close the machine head once more and slide the lever to the right until it is freed. Next, push and hold the button until the steady light fades and the orange light begins to flicker.

Step 5: Begin descaling. You have 45 seconds to begin descaling after the LED becomes orange and blinks rapidly. Simply place a large enough container (at least 1 liter) beneath the coffee outlet and turn the lever to the left to lock the machine—descaling will begin automatically.

Step 6: Rinse the removed components. When the indicator stops blinking orange, the descaling procedure is complete. It’s now time to rinse: Remove the water tank, capsule container, and drip tray first. Rinse them well (or hand wash them if you want to be really thorough) before returning them to the machine.

Step 7: Rinse the machine well. Fill the tank with fresh drinking water, then empty the descaling container and return it to the cup tray. The rinse cycle will begin when you press the button once.

Step 8: Prepare the machine for usage. Congratulations, the descaling procedure is complete! All that remains is to replenish the water tank, and your Nespresso machine will be ready to serve you a fresh cup of coffee.

The Bottom Line

I hope after reading this blog, you are now aware of the best method of how to clean a nespresso machine. Please use the above method and share your experiences in the comment section. Thank You!