How to Clean a White Hat

A Step By Step Tutorial On How to Clean a White Hat

A spotless, white hat has a certain allure. These ivory-hued hats never fail to look stylish, whether they are wool fedoras or cotton baseball caps.

till they become filthy.

So how should a white hat be cleaned? While it’s crucial to always move gently when cleaning any hat, white hats call for extra care because blemishes, stains, or even the smallest damage may be seen right away. Determine which cleaning technique is appropriate for your hat by using the tips below to help you prevent any cleaning disasters. Your white hat will remain as gleaming and clean as the day you first wore it once you know what to do.

Prior to Washing

Before getting out the soap and water, there are a few things you should know. The fate of your hat hinges on it.

View the Labels

Reading the label on your hat will inform you of what you are wearing and how to care for it, much as it is vital to read food labels to know what you are eating.

Review the fabric and adhere to the washing directions. Only more recent baseball caps have plastic brims or ones made of washable materials; if you have an old baseball cap, check sure it doesn’t have a cardboard visor.

Take the hat to the dry cleaners if the label specifies “dry clean only” and leave it in their capable hands.

Sayonara, bleach

Do not use bleach when washing your hat, whether you choose to hand wash it, use a spot cleaning method, or put it in the washing machine. The bleach can not only cause the fabric to fall apart, but it might also change the color of the hat and leave stains rather than removing them.

Ditch the Dishwasher

Do not wash a hat in the dishwasher, despite the numerous online articles that claim it is a secure and convenient method. Dishwashers are high-intensity appliances that use hot water and hot drying cycles that will cause the fabric of your hat to fade, deform, and shrink. In addition, a lot of dishwasher detergents contain bleach.

How To Clean A White Hat By Hand?

The best way to clean a hat is to hand wash it. Although some planning and patience are needed, the result is definitely worth the effort.

White hats made of cotton, cotton blends, synthetic materials, and wool work well.

Required Things

  • hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup
  • 1 tablespoon of Woolite, laundry detergent, or non-bleach dish soap
  • Baking soda or OxiClean White Revive, one scoop
  • one toothbrush or other soft-bristled brush


  • Warm water should be poured into a sink or a sizable basin before washing a cotton, cotton-blend, or synthetic hat. Add one cup of hydrogen peroxide, one tablespoon of detergent, and one scoop of baking soda or OxiClean White Revive as the sink fills with water. Utilizing a spoon, combine the ingredients.
  • When washing a wool hat, fill the sink halfway with cool or cold water and add one capful of Woolite or another high-quality wool-safe soap.
  • Put the hat in the soapy water and give it some time to soak. Try soaking hats made of cotton or synthetic materials for 30 minutes. Soak wool caps for about an hour.
  • Sweat stains and other gunk can be removed with a soft-bristled brush. Wool hats require extra caution, and the nap should be followed to prevent pilling.
  • Warm water should be used to rinse away the cleaner from cotton or synthetic fabrics, whereas cool or cold water should be used for wool.
  • So that the hat isn’t dripping wet, dab away any extra moisture with a fresh, white cloth.
  • Allow the hat to air dry inside, away from direct sunshine, as this may cause the hat to fade unevenly.

Cleaning a White Hat with Spots

Sometimes it’s unnecessary to clean the entire hat. If a white hat has a specific stain or mark that can’t be removed with general washing, spot cleaning is a good option.

For straw, synthetic, and woolen white hats, it works well. particularly strong-shaped hats, such fedoras or trilbies.

Required Things

  • hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup
  • 1 tablespoon of Woolite, laundry detergent, or non-bleach dish soap
  • Baking soda or OxiClean White Revive, one scoop
  • One white washcloth or soft-bristled brush


  • Add one cup of hydrogen peroxide, one tablespoon of non-bleach soap, one scoop of baking soda or OxiClean White Revive, and one gallon of warm water to make a cleaning solution for cotton, straw, or synthetic hats. Pour a capful of Woolite into a gallon of cool or cold water to clean a wool hat.
  • Apply the water combination to the troublesome areas with a soft-bristle toothbrush or dishbrush. If you’re concerned that using a brush would be too abrasive, you can try gently remove the stain with a clean, white cloth and your fingertips.
  • Use the white washcloth to gently wipe away any residue on the white cap after washing it in cool water to remove any dirt or soap.
  • If necessary, air dry the hat indoors in a sunny area that is well-ventilated and out of direct sunlight.

How To Clean A White Hat With Machine Washing‍

The most practical way to clean a white hat (particularly a cotton baseball cap) is in a washing machine, but it’s not as easy as tossing it in the wash. To avoid having headgear that is no longer wearable and unrecognizable, adhere to the steps below.

Ideal for: White cotton beanies and baseball caps

Required Materials

  • a single mesh laundry bag
  • Removes stains
  • 1 spoonful of detergent without bleach
  • OxiClean White Revive, 1 scoop


  • Pre-treat any stains inside the hat, on the brim, or all the way around the crown using a non-bleach stain remover. If the print or stitching on your hat is colored, make sure the stain remover is color-safe.
  • To protect the hat from the agitation of the washing machine, place it in a mesh laundry bag or other bag designed for washing delicates.
  • You can either wash the hat alone or with a small load of white laundry in cold water on the delicate cycle.
  • Allowing the hat to air dry away from direct sunshine will prevent it from fading and shrinking even though a dryer is quicker.

The Bottom Line

It’s really not that difficult a task, is it, now that you know how to clean a white hat and what it takes to keep your white hat clean and in good condition. You should maintain the cleanliness of your hat once it has been cleaned. If you have any suggestions, do let me know in the comment section below.