how to clean birkenstocks

How to Clean Birkenstocks: Best Cleaning Tips

With over 90 nations, Birkenstock has been crafting shoes since 1774. Today’s Birkenstocks are available in a variety of styles ranging from clogs, shoes and boots. The styles are all made from the finest quality cork genuine latex, copper wool felt, brass, smooth leathers, and suede.

For the longer time you’re wearing Birkenstocks you’ll notice how comfortable and comfy they get as they begin to form into your feet. However, this also means that they will get filthy. With just a handful of products that you have on your shelf, you can keep your Birkenstocks fresh for years to come. So, in this blog, I will tell you how to clean Birkenstocks, the best method and tips. 

How Often to Clean Birkenstocks?

Based on the kind of Birkenstocks that you are wearing will depend on the kind of cleaning and maintenance. Every time you put on your Birkenstocks you need to wipe or scrub off any grass or dirt. Birkenstocks made of leather require shoe polish and leather conditioner, whereas suede ones must be cleaned regularly. On the soles of all cork shoes, they have to be sealed and cleaned. Fabric Birkenstocks are required to be regularly cleaned. Whatever fabric yours is made of, we’ve got it covered.

How to Clean Birkenstocks?

Clean them often to get rid of dirt and grass

The best way for keeping your Birkenstocks looking great is to make sure you do not get any dirt on the footbed. This can cause discoloration. Use a damp , clean cloth to clean them every couple of weeks. If you’re in grassy or muddy regions, you should remove your Birkenstocks once you’re back home. When you clean them prior to when your bedtime, they will be dry by the time you wake up.

Utilize an DIY cleaning technique to remove the stains

It’s actually quite simple to take care of the inside of your Birkenstocks at home with an easy paste consisting of baking soda Borax as well as water. It’s likely that you have baking soda at the house, or are able to get Borax in the cleaning aisle at the grocery shop.

Combine the powders with a small amount water, enough to make an emulsion. Rub a quarter-sized amount of the paste in the sole in one pair of shoes. After you’ve used your hands to distribute the paste, you can make use of an older toothbrush boost the cleaning power.

The paste can be gently scrubbed into the footbed with circular movements. Rinse the paste off with water and repeat the process on the opposite shoe. Apply the remaining paste to your footwear and let it sit over night. The next day, wash your shoes again. After drying the Birkenstocks will be much more hygienic.

Do not dry them in direct sunlight.

Based on the Birkenstock care page on the website of the company Heat is the biggest enemy to your shoes. Heating up too much could cause cracks, and cause the Birkenstocks to wear out faster. Once you have cleaned your shoes, make ensure that you dry them at a dry location away from doors and windows. This is the best method to make sure your shoes last for a long time.

It’s tempting to throw their shoes into the dryer in order to accelerate the process however, that’s a no-no. It is recommended to clean your shoes every day when you’re sure you don’t want to put them on and allow them at minimum 24 hours to completely dry.

Dry Suede Birkenstocks prior to cleaning

When cleaning your suede Birkenstocks ensure that they’re completely dry prior to cleaning any unpleasant stains. So, you don’t harm the suede when trying to get rid of dirt and dirt.

Use a suede brush

For suede Birkenstocks After drying completely and dry, apply a soft suede brush to remove any stain or dirt. Use a brush in the direction of the grain. This will gradually get rid of any dirt that is caked on. To avoid scuffs, you can consider using a suede eraser that isn’t much different from pencil erasers If it proves to be easier to use.

Try using cornstarch

To remove oil staining, apply some cornstarch onto your Birkenstocks and let them rest for a while. The powder will gradually absorb the oil off the fabric, and can be removed with the help of a suede brush. If you think the cornstarch could use more time it is recommended to test this method another time.

Make use of white vinegar.

If you have a stain that is persistent you can try white vinegar. Apply a tiny amount of vinegar to the stain using a microfiber cloth , and rub it lightly. The goal is to dampen the fabric on your Birkenstocks but not completely soak it. Allow the shoes to dry completely before trying it again if the stain remains.

The Bottom Line

I hope after reading this blog, you are now aware of the best method of how to clean Birkenstocks. Please use the above method and share your experiences in the comment section. Thank You!