How To Clean Cricut Mat

How To Clean Cricut Mat | Best Cleaning Method

Crafters often ask us how to clean a Cricut Mat. A super clean mat is essential for crafting machines to cut precisely and accurately. So, In this blog, I will tell you the best methods to clean cricut mat. So, let’s get started!

How to clean Cricut cutting mats?

Cricut mats are sticky cutting mats that keep materials in place while they pass through the Cricut cutter. There are four types of Cricut cutting mats . Each has a different level or adhesive. A Cricut cutting mat should be used for between 40-50 times before it begins to wear.

The cutting mats don’t last forever, that’s what you read. Over time, they will wear down and lose their stickiness. You can prolong the life of your mat’s lifespan by keeping it clean and protected between uses.

How often should your Cricut mat be cleaned?

You’ll need to clean your mats more frequently if you use your Cricut Mats daily than someone who only crafts once per week.

Most Cricut mats can be cleaned after approximately 2-4 cuts depending on what materials are used.

If you notice that your mat materials aren’t sticking as well, I suggest cleaning them.

If you use a lot of debris like denim, felt, glitter vinyl or leather, then you may have to clean your mats more frequently. After you have cut the wood material, it is especially important to clean the mats.

You can get away with less cleaning if you stick to smooth materials such as vinyl or cardstock.

What are some ways to clean a Cricut Mat?

These are the most popular items that you can use for cleaning Cricut mats. These items are easy to find and inexpensive – you may already have them at your home.

Depending on the cleaning method you use, you might not need all these items.

Supplies and tools

  • plastic Cricut scraper
  • Lint roller
  • Baby wipes that are alcohol-free
  • Dawn dish soap
  • dish brush
  • Cleaning Spray

How to clean a Cricut mat with baby wipes?

Baby wipes can be used to clean the mat’s surface without damaging its adhesive. For the best results, use alcohol-free baby wipes

Use wipes to clean a mat. Simply wipe it in a circular motion, until the entire surface is cleaned. You may need two or three wipes if the mat is very dirty. You should use gentle pressure and not scratch the adhesive. Before using the mat, let it air dry completely.

Allow the Mat Air to Dry Completely

No matter what method you use, let the mat air dry. You can either dry the mat on a rack or hang it vertically. Do not heat the mat as it can cause damage. Don’t use heat on the mat.

Medium-Duty Cleaning Techniques

If none of these gentler methods work, you can wash the mat with soap and water.

How to Clean a Cricut Mat With Dish Soap?

A Cricut mat can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. For best results, use a mild dish soap such as blue Dawn. Hand soap should not be used with oils or lotions.

  1. To begin, remove any excess material from your mat using the scraper.
  2. Lay the mat on a smooth, waterproof surface such as a kitchen counter. Use a dishcloth or soft brush to gently scrub the mat with warm water and soap.
  3. Before using the mat, let it dry completely.

Methods for heavy-duty cleaning

You may need to use stronger cleaning methods if your mat is extremely dirty or greasy. LA’s Totally Awesome spray is one of the most used cleaning products for Cricut mats. This spray can be purchased at most dollar stores and online.

Amazing Spray to Clean Cricut Mats

Be aware that this method has mixed reviews. It has been praised by some, but others have reported that it did not remove any stickiness. (Personal experience aside, I have only used dish soap and warm water. So I would be cautious!)

This is how to clean your Cricut Mat with Awesome spray.

  1. Use a cleaning spray to clean the mat.
  2. Allow the mat to sit for between 5-10 minutes.
  3. To gently remove the residue from the mat’s surface, use a scraper or squeegee. This is the key word: “gently”. You should use very gentle pressure to ensure that the mat isn’t damaged.
  4. Rinse the mat using warm water. To dry, lay flat or hang vertically.

How to clean the Cricut Pink Fabric Mat?

The pink FabricGrip Mat can be used for cutting fabric. This mat has a different adhesive than the three other mats.

It is important to not scratch or scrape the adhesive of the pink mat. To remove large pieces of material, you can use a tweezer.

It would be a mistake to spray the pink mat with Awesome spray or any other harsh cleaing sprays.

How to clean Felt from a Cricut Mat?

felt is one of the most difficult materials to remove from a Cricut mat. Because it leaves a lot lint and other debris on the mat, even if everything is perfect, it can be difficult to clean.

For cutting felt, my number one tip is to use an older pink/green StandardGrip mat that doesn’t mind getting muddy. It can be used for felt projects and left aside.

Another option is to bake the felt sheet with freezer paper and stick the paper side up on the mat. This will keep the felt in place during the Circut cuts and protect the Cricut mat against lint and fuzz. Once you are done cutting, you can remove the freezer paper like it never existed.

How to keep your mats clean?

Cleaning your cutting mats regularly is the best way to prolong their life.

These are the best ways to clean your mats.

  • Regularly clean the mats with a lint roller, scraper or a cloth. To remove any scraps from your cutting mat, you can use an old credit or gift card. To release any scraps, simply run the edge from the card across the mat.
  • Always replace the protective sheet. The Cricut mats include a protective sheet. Protect your mat by covering it with the protective sheet between projects. If the protective sheet gets stained, you can use a baby wipe to wipe it off or wipe it with Windex on a towel.
  • The right mat is for the right material. The LightGrip mat is for delicate papers; the FabricGrip for fabric; and the StrongGrip for heavy-duty materials.