how to clean crocs

How to Clean Crocs | Easy and Fast Method

Are Crocs trendy? This is a common question. Personally, I believe that when you’re in love with the Crocs, you’ll wear the pair!However the question is to Croc or not Croc it’s the question. 

However, what’s not a concern any more is how to get rid of dirty Crocs since I’ll solve that problem once a month. Cleaning Crocs is fairly simple. In this blog, I am going to tell you about how to clean crocs. 

What Exactly Is Crocs?

Crocs were created at the end of 2002 at Boulder, Colorado. At first, they only made clogs. the company has since expanded to offer many different kinds of shoes for women, men and kids, including loafers, clogs and flip-flops. 

The most popular are clogs. They are adored by kids in school, healthcare employees, restaurant workers, as well as just regular people. They are synonymous with relaxation.

Crocs fans are famous for their clogs that sparkle with charms and other accessories to personalize them. Classic Crocs clogs were foam-based initially , but now are made of Croslite polymer. It is a type of resin that is not rubber nor plastic. 

This is an extremely soft and flexible material and offers the highest cushioning and is believed to block the odor of a food item and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Due to the materials they are made of, Crocs are lightweight, extremely comfortable and extremely easy to maintain. The ease of maintenance and longevity are what make them easy to keep clean when compared with other brands of shoes that are popular.

How to Clean Crocs?

Classic Crocs, also called Classic Clogs, are made from Croslite which is a trademark material that is trademarked by the business. 

Croslite is a type of foam materialthat makes it extremely waterproof and simple to clean. To clean traditional Crocs all you require is mild dishwashing soap along with a microfiber towel, an unclean toothbrush and hot water.

The first step is to rinse the Crocs in warm water. This will help to remove any dirt that has accumulated and make the job easier. After that, fill the tub or sink with warm water . Add one teaspoon of dish soap that is mild. Then, soak the Crocs for at minimum ten minutes. The dish soap will remove grime and dirt quickly.

Rinse your Crocs with water and apply the cleaning brush to scrub. The toothbrush is great to get inside vent holes and other difficult-to-access places. After you’re done, scrub then dry the Crocs with your microfiber towel.

You can also place Crocs into the washer in an easy cycle. I personally only recommend this if they are in need of an extensive cleaning as it may make them more worn out as opposed to hand washing.

How to Clean White Crocs?

I receive a lot of questions about cleaning white shoes. So, before you start, here’s how to take care of white Crocs.

White Crocs are traditional Crocs take care to clean them in like you would traditional Crocs. If you have mildly dirty Crocs they might suffice. However, white classic Crocs tend to be soiled by dirt and grass staining over colored Crocs or perhaps you simply love wearing white Crocs. That’s fine I’ve got a great cleaning technique for you.

Clean your classic white Crocs following the directions in the earlier section. Next, take out baking soda. Make use of a clean, moist microfiber cloth, clean your Crocs’ white colour using baking soda until they’re sparkling.

It’s also possible to do this for lined white Crocs also However, be sure to just apply baking soda only to the Croslite material and not the lining, or any other material that isn’t Croslite.

How to Clean Fuzzy Crocs or Lined Crocs?

You’ve found those gorgeously cozy-looking lined Crocs. In the first place I’m in awe! However, that’s not the reason you’re here. If you want to get rid of your dirty fuzzy Crocs will require more elbow grease. Croc lining isn’t removable therefore you shouldn’t soak them in water , or toss them in the washer.

Instead you should grab a microfiber towel and a toothbrush for cleaning and an ice-cold bowl with a few drop of dish soap that is mild. It’s time to dampen your microfiber cloth with warm water and dish soap and then gently scrub the exterior and insides of your Crocs (and don’t scream on me with the phrase”moist!). 

Be sure to not get the solution onto the lining, but only around your Croslite exterior. It is possible to use a cleaning brush to give the soles and ventilation holes an extensive cleaning.

If the part that is lined of your Crocs has a smell that is unappetizing baking soda is the answer again. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the lining and allow it to rest overnight. The next day, scrub off the excess , and you’ll have fresh-smelling Crocs.

If you’re thinking Melissa, a bit of baking powder won’t be enough to solve the problem of this foot odor. I’m sure you’re right! Look over the recipe for my homemade Shoe Powder for a powerful solution to stinky shoes.

The Bottom Line

Everyone who wears Crocs should be thankful for the blessing: Crocs are probably the most easy shoes to clean. Their water-resistant Croslite fabric makes traditional Crocs effortless to clean.

The fuzzy lined as well as furry Crocs are easy to clean in a short time. Hopefully, you liked my method of how to clean crocs. Please use the above method and share your experiences in the comment section below. Thank You!