how to clean earrings

How To Clean Earrings | A Complete Guide

There is a good chance that you have thought, “Yuck” if you wear earrings every day. Eventually, you must clean them. But, you don’t know how to clean earrings by yourself. Don’t worry, I and here to help you out. 

Due to their location, earrings can become dirtier than every other piece of jewelry. From tiny, delicate earrings, to fashionable hoops, earrings draw hair spray, residues from conditioner and shampoo along with dirt and grease from your hands, sweat, and the accumulation of creams from moisturizers and other cosmetics. All this additional stuff can cause discoloration dullness, tarnish and possibly even infections. There’s no time to do that!

Cleaning your earrings is surprisingly simple, and there are tons of ways of cleaning them. I’ve put together a list of best tips below, so you can get rid of filthy, grimey earrings for good and for all. (Though just a quick note: You shouldn’t to implement these techniques on real gems or pearls. These are very delicate and require more care and attention. Your best option is to go to a jeweler to get help). Your jewelry will return sparkling in the nick of time.

How To Clean Earrings?

Grab the hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide can be a fantastic solution for cleaning jewelry. It functions as a disinfectant, and cleans off dirt. If your earrings require an instant sprucing-up take a few drops of peroxide onto the cotton pad and gently use the pad to wash all over the earrings. 

As Cheryl Roberts, of custom jewelry manufacturer Lexie Jordan Jewelry says, “Grab or bottles of cleaning solutions, or fill the inside of a container using hydrogen peroxide. Allow your earrings to sit there for a while and then place them in the hot water in a cup. After about a minute, you can take them out of the hot water and apply a Q-tip to wash the areas that have the dirt that has accumulated.”

Nazlia Yunus is the CEO and founder Chvker Jewelry, founder and CEO Chvker Jewelry, says depending on the type of metal, you can also make use of baking soda to remove off some of the corrosion.

Wipe them clean using a microfiber towel.

A soft microfiber cloth similar to the ones you utilize to clean your sunglasses is great for jewellery. Contrary to a towel with loops that could become caught in the jewelry’s prongs and leave tiny hairs on your earrings and a tissue which might scratch the metal microfiber cloths gently smooth off any fingerprints or product residues, without damaging the earring.

Clean sterling silver with a silver wipe

Sterling Silver is sensitive to oxygen and wate. This is why she suggests that you avoid spraying perfumes and hair products around the earrings. Don’t fret that your earrings will become oxidized. 

“Sterling Silver is a precious metal and is easily cleaned to its original shiny state,” she declares. Sterling silver cleaning wipes were designed with a formula soft enough to not harm your earrings, yet powerful enough to bring them back to their original, clean and shine.

Dazzle diamonds with dish soap

Diamonds are extremely durable However, you have to be extra careful when cleaning them so that you don’t run the risk of discoloration. A gemologist Anu Raman, who works for a number of luxury jewelry brands, including Chopard suggests mixing three drops of dishwashing soap and 1 Cup of warm tap water.

Let the mixture cool that it is no longer touching. Remove the items and with a soft toothbrush, clean any remaining residue left. Dry the items with a paper towel or a clean cotton cloth.

The diamonds should be soaked in the water for approximately 3-4 minutes. After that, rub them lightly with the soft, clean brush. Allow them to soak for about one or two minutes. After that, wash them in an ice-cold bowl and allow to dry.

Submerge in hot water.

Are you looking for something even more simple? Make a pot of water and put it into a mug, then place your earrings the mug and let them sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Carefully scrub them with a clean toothbrush. This technique won’t be the same as using a cleansing solution however it can assist.

Use a toothpick to access difficult-to-reach places

Earrings are a bit difficult to clean, especially in the case of small ones or an elaborate design. Get a toothpick handy for those areas that are difficult to reach!

Purchase a jewelry-cleaning machine.

If any of these suggestions sound like too much effort, think about purchasing a jewelry cleaning machine. Be aware that when you use these powerful cleaners their ultrasonic waves can cause the removal of any diamonds that are loose. 

However, they’re a reliable method to thoroughly clean, they’re multi-purpose and do not require much effort from you. It’s a win-win situation for all!

The Bottom Line

Now, when you know all the methods of how to clean earrings, I hope you will use them carefully. Also, do share your experiences in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this blog!