How To Clean Garage Floor

How To Clean Garage Floor | Top Methods Of Cleaning

Since “it’s only the garage floor,” the garage floor does not frequently receive attention. On average, homeowners don’t spend much time in their garage; often, they just park their car there and go right away. Of course, some people like their time spent here whether they are working on a DIY project or fixing up a car. 

These are the ones that frequently take the effort to maintain a tidy and organized garage. Nevertheless, it is always preferable to clean your garage floor as quickly as possible, regardless of whatever group of people you fall into. So, In this blog, we’ll talk about how to clean Garage floor. Lets begin!

Do I Really Need My Garage Floor Cleaned?

Even while it’s lovely to step into your garage and see a spotlessly clean floor, cleaning your garage floor isn’t only about making it appear nice. Regular garage floor cleaning will extend its lifespan and lessen wear and tear damage.

If you spend any time working on tasks in the garage, your home’s floors, as well as your clothes and shoes, will appreciate you not tracking in oil and grime.

Finally, a thorough cleaning is a necessary step in the preparation process if you intend to update the floor in any way, including by sealing, painting, or applying an epoxy coating.

Where Do I Start?

Everything that is temporary should be taken out of the garage before beginning. Remove the automobiles and bikes, discard the garbage and used rags, and temporarily put the tools and boxes somewhere else.

You wouldn’t want to harm any of your property because water and cleaning products will be spilled all over the place. Items that have been shelved can remain there as long as you’re confident they won’t get in the way or wet from water sprays.

The next step is to cover your outlets and drywall with a tarp or sheet and use a brush to remove any stray material.

How to Clean Your Garage Floor of Rust Stains

The next step is to look for any rust spots on the floor and clean them up. To disclose the stained concrete, any solid chunks that may be present must be scraped away. You only need something acidic to remove rust stains, so check your pantry.

Apply some fresh lemon juice or pure white vinegar to the area and let it sit for fifteen minutes. After that, scrub the stain away with a stiff-bristled brush and all of your strength before rinsing with cool water. If none of these natural remedies work, you can buy a professional rust-removing solution from any home and garden store and use it as directed by the maker.

How to Clean an Oil-Stained Garage Floor

Since we keep our automobiles there and they frequently spill fluids, oil stains are probably the most prevalent issue with garage floors. They are not only ugly, but also a slick fall danger!

Sweep the area first, then sprinkle some cat litter on the stain to help it disappear from your concrete floor. Allow it to sit for a whole night to absorb any extra oil, after which you can discard the litter and be ready to remove the stain.

You can use a cleaning agent like Oil & Grease Cleaner or simply some decent dish soap that cuts through grease. Pour the solution onto the area, wait a few minutes, and then scrub vigorously.

Using a pressure washer to clean your garage floor

After cleaning up any rusty or oily areas and emptying and sweeping your garage, you may use a pressure washer to make your floor sparkle. Use a spray bottle to evenly apply any cleaning solution you choose to the floor, including degreasers, commercial concrete cleaners, and mild detergents.

Low pressure can be used to apply a solution of soap and water, followed by a high pressure rinse that starts at the back and pushes the used solution outside. The garage floor won’t be harmed by using a pressure washer, which uses a lot less water than a standard garden hose.

Safety Requirements When Power Washing a Garage Floor

After using drop cloths to section off your electrical outlets and drywall, you should give some thought to how to safeguard yourself when pressure washing. The spray has a very high force and may be harmful to people, plants, and animals.

Wear eye protection and boots or sturdy shoes when working, and make sure there are no children or dogs nearby. Any plants by your garage should be covered with a durable tarp, and any potted plants should be temporarily moved. Finally, be cautious of carbon monoxide while using a gas-powered appliance, and keep your garage door open to maximize ventilation.

Cleaning a Concrete Garage Floor in Other Ways

Although utilizing a pressure washer to clean your garage floor is effective and quick, it’s not the only option. You can also get down on your hands and knees with a brush and a bucket or a mop with stiff bristles and your cleaning solution.

A floor buffing machine rental from your neighborhood home improvement store can possibly be of interest to you. Much more effectively than a mop or brush, a floor buffer washes the concrete. Apply the cleaner to the floor first, then move the buffer over the area in small sections. With a hose, you may remove the used, soapy water.

Cleaning a Garage Floor Mat

The concrete in a garage is undoubtedly kept cleaner by a floor mat, but the mat also takes a beating from the oil, muck, filth, and snow. A rubber or vinyl mat can be swept, mopped, or hose-sprayed clean before being dried with a squeeze-out cloth. A fabric mat requires a bit more work to clean, but you can take it outdoors to sweep or shake it off before using a hose to spray it dry.

Dish soap or a degreaser can be used to scrub away stubborn oil stains; however, avoid using a vacuum or steam cleaner as these can harm the floor mat. Return the mat to your garage after it has had time to dry.

Keep the surface of your garage cleaner for longer

By carrying out a little preventive maintenance here and there, you can lengthen the lifespan of your cleaning project. Avoid letting anything metal rest directly on the concrete as this could cause rust spots, and if you spill any oil, quickly cover it with cat litter to absorb it. Consider laying down a mat to park on, and be sure to clean up any dust or leaves as soon as they start to build.

Your Garage Floor Sealing

Now that your garage floor is spotless, you might want to think about sealing or painting it. This will improve the surface’s stain-resistance properties and make future cleanup of oil and debris simpler. Any color of concrete floor sealant is available for purchase, and you can even add decorative flakes.

A brush will be used to roll on the coating, and you shouldn’t drive or walk on it for a week. Your garage floor will not only appear brand new, but it will also be simpler to maintain in the future.

Easy Ways to Clean Garage Floors

After just been washed, your garage floor can either air dry or be mopped with towels. This is the ideal opportunity to perform some spring cleaning as you move your belongings back inside and make sure that you are not storing any broken, filthy, or hardly used goods. You’ll save a ton of time and effort by maintaining the cleanliness of your garage over time.