how to clean geodes

How To Clean Geodes | Top Methods To Clean Geodes

A geode is a spherical stone with crystal forms and hollow regions in the middle. To reveal the crystals inside, they are usually split into two half-spheres. They can also be sliced or carved into other shapes. Geodes form deep under animal burrows, behind tree roots, and in volcanic rock.

The basic exterior shell of a geode hides the stunning, intricate display of crystals inside, which were produced over thousands of years by minerals cooling and heating under pressure. Dirt and other debris can easily be removed from the outside of a geode, but mud on the inside can taint the bright gem-like crystals that geode hunters seek.

But now that you have your new geode collection, it’s time to clean it up because it’s likely encrusted in filth and grime. And that is precisely what this article is about. We’ll go over some of the simplest methods for cleaning geodes and thundereggs. So, let’s get started!

How To Clean Geodes?(Best Methods)

Geodes can be cleaned in a variety of ways, from simply running them under water with a scrub brush to using specific chemicals. If you use chemicals to clean the geode, you must wear protective glasses, gloves, and a respirator regardless of the method you utilize.

Easiest Method To Clean A Geode

Washing your geodes or thundereggs with regular soap and water is the quickest and easiest way to clean them. I normally scrub them with a soft bristle scrub brush to get all the dirt out of the cracks and crevices. Soak the geodes in a bucket of water containing 14 cup of household bleach after washing them with soap and water. Allow two days for the geodes or thundereggs to soak in the bleach water solution.

The geode will be cleaned with a toothbrush and denture cleanser as the last step. This is when an old electric toothbrush comes in handy. Make sure to scrub all of the gaps and crevices with the denture cleanser to remove any grit that may have become embedded deep within the cracks.

Wood Bleach Method For Cleaning Geodes

If you discover iron staining inside the geode, you’ll want to apply this approach for cleaning it. But first, bear in mind that wood bleach is poisonous, so wear eye protection, gloves, and an NIOSH-approved respirator mask when working with it. Another thing to remember is that wood bleach is quite caustic, so avoid using it in metal containers.

The first step is to rinse the geode or thunderegg and get rid of as much dirt as possible. Mix the oxalic acid solution next. To do so, simply combine 1/8 cup oxalic acid with 5 liters of water. After that, immerse the geodes for several hours in the oxalic acid solution. However, don’t soak the geodes for much longer than this because the oxalic acid can harm them.

If the geode is still stained with the rust hue after a few hours, try soaking it for another hour or two. If you’re going to soak them a second time, I’d recommend slightly increasing the solution’s concentration as well. Finally, rinse the geodes thoroughly with warm water after soaking them.

Calcite crystals and carbonates can be damaged by wood bleach. If you suspect or know you have either, clean the geode with a weak wood bleach solution and promptly wash and soak it in warm water.

Wood bleach is poisonous! To avoid injury, put on eye protection, gloves, and an NIOSH-approved respirator mask. Wood bleach should not be used in metal containers since it is corrosive and will eat through the metal.

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Oxalic Acid and Calcite Crystals

It’s important to be aware that oxalic acid can harm calcite crystals and carbonates. If you feel you have one of these, simply apply a tiny amount of diluted oxalic acid solution, then wash and soak the geode in warm water.


In this blog, I gave you essential information on how to clean Geodes. Hopefully, now you will easily clean your geodes. But, remember to wear protective gloves, glasses, and a respirator regardless of the method you utilize. Also, do let me know about your experiences with these methods by commenting below.