how to clean goalie gloves

A Detailed Guide On How To Clean Goalie Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves can become stinky and unpleasant very quickly. The gloves may offer excellent protection and offer a great grip for goalkeepers, but they’re not able to breathe in any way. This leads to lots of sweat and lots of bacteria which can make them stink really bad. Goalkeeper gloves should be cleaned and performed every week to be sure that gloves don’t carry germs and spread illnesses. 

Are you unsure of how to clean goalie gloves? Don’t worry. They’re fairly easy to wash at home using some mild detergent. It is not recommended to use a harsh detergent for your gloves since the chemicals present in the detergent can cause the material to degrade or lose some grip. Keep reading this blog to know how to clean goalkeeper gloves.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Before you play: Clean your gloves prior to making use of the gloves in the first instance. let them get dry on their own (consult the washing guidelines below). This will make sure that any preservatives resulting from during the process of manufacturing are removed from the latex. 

which will allow the latex to activate and ensure that you get best grip possible from the gloves you are using them. If you are looking to have absolute assurance that they’re ready for use, a second pre-wash is always recommended.

While playing: If the goalkeeper gloves are on frequently, wet the palms of your gloves using water to get the most gripping durability from the palm of the latex. The latex glove is not made for dryness. This is why you often see professional athletes on TV spraying water over them, or even spit to bring the latex alive.

After playing: When you have used your gloves for goalkeeping ensure that you wash them right away and allow them to dry naturally. But, if you let your gloves to dry too long, it could be brittle, which can result in a decrease in the durability and grip, which isn’t the way you’d like it to be (our guide to drying further down will help you!)

How to Clean Goalie Gloves?

1. If you’re looking to get the most of your goalkeeper gloves, make sure you wash them immediately after using them by soaking in hot waters (a maximum of 30oC).

2. Soak the glove in water. ensure that you rinse off all the glove cleaner , if you’ve decided to wash your gloves with an agent, since leaving a solution on your gloves may cause harm.

3. The gloves need to be cleaned by hand, using your fingers to lightly scrub dirt away. Applying too much pressure could tear the latex. We don’t recommend using a scrubber or brush for this reason.

4. It’s not required to use an oil-based cleaner for the gloves will make sure that all dirt is eliminated and will make the process easier. Be sure to follow the directions of the product you purchased.

5. Allow your gloves to dry naturally. It is expected to take around a week. For more details about the best method to get your gloves dry,, continue the reading.

How to Dry Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Once you’ve cleaned the gloves of your goalkeeper and you are now ready to air dry, we suggest applying pressure using the towel on the gloves to help them absorb the excess water before allowing the gloves to air dry. Avoid wiping or rubbing them with the towel because it could tear the parts of your latex.

You can hang them on a line for washing as well in your bathroom. However, make sure not to place your plants in the sun or in in a humid atmosphere.

Don’t dry your gloves with these methods:

  • on an electric radiator
  • In the middle of a fire
  • In a tumble dryer

Use an iron

  • Use an airing cabinet in direct sunlight
  • by “wringing” them

Each of these methods can result in the loss of the natural moisture that is present in the latex, which can cause them to become dry and fragile. Make sure you follow our guidelines for cleaning your gloves for goalkeepers to reduce the chance of making mistakes.

How to Care for Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Let’s take a look at the essential pillars that are responsible for your gloves, and eventually extend the life of them.

Wash the gloves prior to the first use.

  • At times, moisten your hands with water when you use them to aid in gripping.
  • Wash your hands immediately after use in water that is less than 30oC.
  • Allow the gloves to air dry naturally
  • Make sure to keep in a cool area, away from direct sunlight.

TIP: When wearing your goalkeeping gloves while training or in other non-competitive settings, you should avoid using your palms to lift yourself from the floor. Use your fists to pull yourself up, avoiding the fingers of your gloves coming into touching the floor. The palm of your hand can help you get back up faster, but you’ll be able to minimize wear during non-game scenarios by using the fist technique above.

Goalkeeper gloves are made for natural surfaces such as grass, unless specifically stated (e.g. the 3G/astro turf speciality latex that sacrifices grip to increase toughness). If you’re wearing gloves for goalkeeping on a synthetic surface, such as 3G or astro-turf, you will put a higher degree of stress on the latex, which means it will wear out much faster.

The Bottom Line

I hope after reading this blog, you now have a clear idea of how to clean Goalie Gloves by yourself. Please use the above method and share your experiences in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this blog!