how to clean golf balls

How To Clean Golf Balls (Most Effective Ways)

When a golfer looks down at their club and sees a golf ball that is clean and free of grass, dirt, or sand, they are overjoyed. I’ve met a few folks who prefer a golf ball with some character and wear on it, but they’re the exception rather than the rule. Many golfers assume that a ball is forever destroyed once it has been scuffed. They don’t even think how to clean golf balls, and throw their golf balls. 

Clean golf balls are not only more appealing to the eye, but they are also simpler to locate on the fairway, green, rough, or in a sand trap. While golfers can clean their golf balls on the course, this rarely eliminates all of the grime or muck. In this blog, I will tell you how to clean golf balls with different cleaning procedures.

How Often Should Golf Balls Be Cleaned?

Even if there is no clear answer to this question, it is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Some people wash them after every round, while others wait until they are caked in mud and have a brown hue to do so once a month or until they are caked in mud and have a brown tint.

It all comes down to personal opinion, but it’s a good idea to maintain them looking nice and the dimples clean so you may spin the ball as much as you want! Additionally, if your dimples aren’t clean, it may affect your distance.

Carrying a towel on the course and wiping them down after each hole once you get the ball out of the hole is a terrific method to keep them clean without having to use detergent. That way, grass and sand will not accumulate in the dimples of your golf balls.

Is It A Good Idea To Clean All Of Your Golf Balls In The Same Way?

Each golf ball is unique and may require a different cleaning method. The majority of golf balls are similar and clean similarly. Despite the fact that there are various varieties of balls, you can’t go wrong in this sector. What works for you with one brand or style of golf ball will most likely work with another.

How To Clean Golf Balls?(Best Way)

A golf ball can be cleaned in a variety of ways. People use a variety of methods, including putting them in the dishwasher. Filling a bucket with water and rubbing them with dish soap or car soap with a washcloth or towel is the best way to clean them. 

This removes the dirt from the stained golf balls. Using acidic cleaning agents risks damaging the outer cover. Nail polish remover is a good option for removing ink from golf balls. Place the golf balls in a container with denture cleaning tablets if they are extremely dirty and the gunk won’t come off.

How To Clean Golf Balls From a Pond

When you hit a golf ball into a pond, it does not imply the ball is forever lost. Most golf balls hit into ponds can be recovered with the correct tool. 

Golf balls that have spent a long time in a pond are likely to feel gritty and appear dirty, so golf ball hunters should clean them before using or selling them. 

To clean golf balls found in a pond, follow these procedures.

Step 1

To begin, get a golf ball retriever and use it to fish golf balls from the pond. There are several different varieties of retrievers, and they may be found anywhere that sells golf equipment.

Step 2

Clean the golf balls by rinsing them. To clean filth, you can use an outdoor hose or the hose in your sink.

Step 3

Put the golf balls in the water. Allow for a two-hour soak time.

Step 5

Dip the toothbrush into a new soap and water solution. To eliminate any remaining dirt, scrub the golf balls with a toothbrush.

How To Clean Golf Balls At Home?

Cleaning the balls in the sink with hot water is a method I like to do at home. Scrub the stubborn bits of mud that like to hang on with an old tooth brush and dish soap. Another approach is to use a towel with soap and a bucket, as I suggested in the previous section.

Can You Put Golf Balls In The Washing Machine Or Dishwasher?

Some people fill their washing machines with hundreds of balls and wash them This is a quick and easy way to clean several golf balls without having to wipe or scrub them manually with a towel or cloth. It’s fine to leave the balls in the machine alone.

If this procedure does not remove all of the debris from the balls, try rubbing them afterwards. The filthy particles should have been loosening after the wash. They’re loaded into the dishwashers of other golfers. If the machine’s drum is of poor quality, the balls hitting it repeatedly could harm it. 

Do Golf Balls Affect By Scuff Marks?

Slight scuff marks on golf balls should have little to no impact on the ball’s performance.

Ball flight can be affected by large scuff marks. It permits the spinning ball’s air drag to make contact with the scuffed area rather than the non-scuffed area.

Is It Possible to Fix Cracks In A Golf Ball?

Some people who are tired of buying new golf balls may ask if the cracks in the balls can be repaired after they begin to wear down. The quick answer is no, and the lengthy explanation is that it’s better to buy a new golf ball rather than try to fix an old one.

Golf balls are pretty affordable, and it would be foolish to have yours repaired when it is cheaper to simply purchase a new one!


Hopefully, you are now aware of how to clean golf balls. You have some of the most effective methods for cleaning golf balls. You may now make the filthy balls in your bag appear new depending on your taste for simplicity, work level, or whether or not to use a chemical such as bleach. Please share any methods you’ve tried to clean balls in the comments section, as well as whether or not they worked.