how to clean lash extensions

A Step By Step Approach To How To Clean Lash Extensions

The best way to get glamorous looks is with lash extensions. They enhance your appearance without requiring extra attention. They’re easy to use and can simplify your beauty routines. Do you know how to clean lash extensions by yourself? Keep reading this blog to learn the best method of cleaning lash extensions.

Clean lash extensions will last longer and prevent eye problems. However, even with all the benefits, eyelash extensions can be difficult to maintain. All kinds of dirt can get trapped in the lash line, including makeup, oil, and dead skin. A dirt pile-up makes it ideal for bacteria growth.

The dirt won’t show up in a mirror. Without a magnifying lens, eyelash dirt and dust will not be visible.

Why You Should Clean Lash Extensions

Natural eyelashes protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and pollen. The same function is performed when extensions are attached. Technicians place extensions just a few millimeters away from the lash line during installation. There will be a slight gap between your lash extensions and your lash lines. This gap can become a breeding ground for dirt, dust, and dead skin cells over time.

Cleaning your lash extensions prevents dirt accumulation. Another reason is to stop oil from ruining your extensions. Oily skin, or products containing oil can cause oil to seep into the extensions and eventually destroy the adhesives. Regular cleansing will remove this oil, which makes your lashes last for longer.

When to Clean Lash Extensions

Oily eyelids should be cleaned daily. This is also true for those who wear eye makeup. If you don’t have any issues, clean your lashes at least twice a week. After engaging in any physical activity, such as swimming or going to the gym, your lashes must be cleaned.

These extensions should not be wet within 48 hours after their application. These extensions become waterproof over time. The glue that holds your eyelash extensions together will be damaged by substances like oil, salt and sweat.

How To Clean Lash Extensions?

Follow these steps to clean lash extensions-

  1. Use an oil- and glycol-free make-up remover to get rid of all eye-makeup. Use a cotton tip to remove eyeliner. Never rub your extensions. Cotton balls are not recommended as they can catch on extensions’ bases.
  2. Make sure to remove any heavy foundation before you wash your eyes. Some cleansers, especially cream cleansers or ‘cleansing oil’ (dah!) contain oil.
  3. Use cool water to wash your eyes. Use a small amount of the lash shampoo to coat your hands. You can apply this to your eyes one by one, slapping it on each eye. Do not rub your eyes like you are washing hair. Just gently splash the oil over your closed eyes. Repeat if your eyes feel still grubby.
  4. Rinse them off and dry them. They will separate again if you brush them.
  5. You can gently swirl your lashes with your lash wand and fan them out again.
  6. This can be done 2-3 times per week.

What to Avoid?

Glycerin and oils should not be used to clean lashes. These products can cause eyelash disintegration and break down of lash glue. Oil products come in many forms, including shampoos and eye creams, moisturizers, spray toners, moisturizers, and conditioners.

Avoid using waterproof mascara and eyeliner whenever you can. These two products make it difficult to clean your lashes.

Never use cleanser water on your eyelashes. Micelles remove oil from your skin. These oils can be used to remove or weaken extensions.

Do not use the stream of water coming from the showerhead to wash your lashes. This high-pressure stream of water can damage your extensions.

Also, avoid using cotton buds, sponges, or similar materials on your eyelashes. These materials can cause the extensions to fall off.

Do not forcefully clean your lashes. Eyelash extensions can be fragile. If you press down on the extensions, they may break. Use a gentle brush to gently rub them.

Avoid harsh products that could irritate your eyes.

The Bottom Line

In this blog, I’ve told you everything about how to clean lash extensions by yourself. Please use these methods and let me know your experience in the comment section. Thank you!