how to clean leather gym gloves

A Guide on How to Clean Leather Gym Gloves

Leather made gym gloves are quite common. They are truly long-lasting and will thus serve you for a longer time. Many people ask how to clean leather gym gloves, but they do not get much information on this. So, today I am here with some effective ideas for cleaning your gym gloves. This blog will help you maintain the best possible condition for your training gloves. So, let’s get started-

How to Clean Leather Gym Gloves

Follow these simple steps to clean your gym gloves:

Washing in the sink

Soaking in the sink is the first step of cleaning gym gloves. 

Fill your bathroom sink halfway with warm water and enough antibacterial soap. Dish soap is very popular among people because it easily removes grease, salt, and soot. You can just use your favorite strong antibacterial soap or even laundry detergent.

Make sure the water is warm enough for you to comfortably put your hands in it, but not so hot that it boils. To make the water sudsy, a small amount of detergent should be added.

Now, massage each glove with your hands. Be careful to squeeze water thru each finger, and then wash away any grime with your hands. To eliminate any filth, soak your gloves in water and gently massage them. Also, go between the fingers of the gloves. After cleaning the inside of your gloves, soak them in water for about an hour.

Inside Out 

Rinse and repeat a few times more until the water that comes off the gloves is clean and soapy. After you’ve spent enough time cleaning the gloves in the sink, turn them inside out. Cleaning the inside is made easier with this procedure. Reverse the technique you used to clean them on the outside once you’ve flipped them inside out. 

Ensure that you wash the gloves entirely with normal, room-temperature water to ensure that no detergent residue remains. Even after cleaning your gloves from the inside out, they may still smell awful. 

It’s better to let them soak in the water for about an hour after cleaning them before scrubbing them again. Rinse each pair of gym gloves with clean water once you’re satisfied with the entire clean-up on each side.  Make sure you completely rinse it and don’t leave any residue behind.

After cleaning your gloves on both the inside and outside and rinsing them with clean water, hang them out to dry naturally. It’s usually best to let them air dry so they don’t get harmed by too much heat, which is also why you need to make sure the cleaning water isn’t too hot.

Use Washing Machine 

Washing training gloves by hand is always a good idea, but most people do not have enough time to do so. They can use this method to clean their gym gloves. 

Put your gloves in the washer with a load of garments that need to be cleaned.

Confirm that the machine is set to gentle and that the Velcro straps on your training gloves are securely fastened so that they do not hook onto any other clothes in the machine. 

Make sure to use hot water and a regular laundry detergent (no chlorine bleach). Do not use the dryer after washing the gym gloves.

After you’ve washed them, grab two towels and sandwich each glove between them. Gently press them together to absorb the water.

Allow the towels to dry your training gloves until the water is soaked.

Bonus Tip

Use Alcohol Or Antibacterial Cleaners
Use an antibacterial or diluted isopropyl alcohol solution before and after your training session to get rid of any bacteria or grime, and to keep your gym gloves from smelling nasty. Try rubbing alcohol on a paper towel at the first sign of stench while using alcohol to wash the set of gloves. Stick a sheet of Bounce or dryer sheets in each glove after snagging to absorb the odor as well.
Cleaning the gloves produces the following results:

1.You should have an odor-free pair of gloves after cleaning them.
2.They might start to give you the same level of grip and protection as they did when you originally got them.
3.In addition to being odorless, they can also supply you with a new aroma from the soaps you use.
4.They’d be cleaner than they were before you used any of these strategies to clean them.
5.You will also get rid of any bacteria that had grown on your gloves as a result of the sweat.

Which type of Detergent Powder should you use?

It is not always true that you need a really powerful detergent to adequately clean your training gloves, which have a lot of filth and grime. In fact, certain detergents are so strong that they can harm the delicate fibers of the mitts.

You should use gentle detergents without bleach or chlorine. The good news is that these are not hard to find. At your local grocery store, look for eco-friendly or organic detergent, as they are likely to be milder versions of detergent.


In this blog, I have given you the most effective tips on how to clean leather gym gloves. I have provided information about both hand cleaning and washing machine cleaning methods. Hopefully, now you are able to clean your training gloves. If you have any doubt or need any help, just comment it out below.