how to clean ugg slippers

How to Clean UGG Slippers(Easiest Method)

UGG slippers are the super comfortable and warmest slippers. Have you thought about how to clean UGG slippers? 

The soft sheepskin fabric makes UGG slippers a warm hug for your feet however, it also makes them very high-maintenance. There are different styles available for women, men and kids, they all have their unique sheepskin fabric. 

The fabric is not able to just throw them into the washer to clean them. They will require some extra maintenance. If you’re like me, you’ll put them on when you arrive home after work. It’s not a problem whether you wear them to the supermarket or pharmacy, or for other trips. They’re comfortable and fashionable. 

What’s not to like? The slippers that are so beloved will certainly require tender loving care every now and then. So, in this blog, I will tell you everything about how to clean UGG slippers and preserve the unique fabric they are made of.

How to Clean UGG Slippers?

You could or shouldn’t take off your slippers outside of the home. There is no judgement here. Even if you limit them inside your home, you desire them to feel clean and soft.

The procedure of washing UGG slippers isn’t too difficult. 

With the appropriate products in your bag, it’ll be quick and easy. Here are the steps you can follow to wash the inside of your UGG slippers.

  1. Make sure to clean your slippers using cold water.
  2. Apply a small amount Cleaner & Conditioner to a damp sponge.
  3. Carefully scrub the entire slipper. Don’t scrub too hard since sheepskin has a delicate surface and may be damaged if scrubbed too aggressively.
  4. Cleanse it with cold water.
  5. Let your footwear dry in the air. Don’t put them in direct sunlight or heat to dry. Depending on the design, place newspapers that have been rolled up in the toes to help maintain their shape.
  6. After drying, lightly scrub your slippers using one of the sides that is soft on the suede. Be sure to brush only one direction.

Six simple steps. Now you’ve got comfortable, clean slippers that your feet will appreciate for the next time you put your feet back to them. We’ve all experienced that UGG slippers are like walking on fluffy clouds. It is your goal to keep them this way.

What Cleaning Methods Should Be Avoided?

As I have mentioned earlier, the material UGG makes use of in their boots and slippers requires extra attention. There are certain cleaning techniques that you must avoid at all cost. Infractions to these rules could result in the fur becoming damaged and the unique softness of the fur removed.

These are the main reasons that you spent the entire amount you could have spent on slippers. It’s not a good idea to flush it out the window due to improper and inefficient cleaning practices.

There are two distinct methods to avoid cleaning UGG slippers. UGG slippers:

  • Then, put them in the dryer and washer.
  • Go to dry cleaners.

Dry cleaners will require some effort to drive there to drop off your clothes. The inconvenience of this could be a reason to avoid this. The dryer and washer could be tempting. You’ll think it can’t be that bad to dump them into the washer. Use your gentle cycle.

Avoid this. There is a risk of the glue breaking, losing the fur’s texture and completely ruining the sheepskin and suede. Cleaning the suede and sheepskin is not difficult or time-consuming. Cleanse them up properly. Your slippers will thank you.

Once cleaned, how do I maintain them?

It’s a great question! Since your slippers are suede , there is a special protector made for these slippers. The kit you bought has an UGG Protector. Utilizing this product after cleaning your slippers can prolong their lifespan and help keep them clean longer between washes. It’s an excellent win-win! The spray for protecting your skin is simple.

  1. Dry and thoroughly clean the slippers before spraying the protectant.
  2. In a ventilated area in a well-ventilated area, place the bottle at least 6 inches to your slippers. Then, spray your slippers until the top of each one is soaked but not completely soaked.
  3. After your slippers have dried When your slippers are dry, make use of your suede brushes’ soft sides and brush in one direction. It will return your slippers to their original form.

This is a simple and quick action that will ensure that your shoes are looking best. In the case of suede and sheepskin protecting them, it is just equally, if not more crucial than cleaning itself. These natural materials are vulnerable to stainings and water spots when not properly sealed.

Once stains are stained by water, they are difficult to remove. If you follow the steps to clean and protect in the above paragraphs, you can protect your investment by purchasing your UGGs.

The Bottom Line

So, you have just finished reading about the method of how to clean UGG slippers. Hopefully, now you are able to clean your slippers. Please use the above method and do share your experiences in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!