how to clean yeezys

How To Clean Yeezys (Complete Yeezys Cleaning Guide)

I believe we can all agree that Yeezys are not inexpensive. They are not only expensive, but they are also difficult to obtain in many circumstances, regardless of price, due to their high demand. So, if you do manage to get your hands on a pair, you’ll want to keep them in as near-mint condition as possible by knowing how to clean Yeezys while still enjoying the pleasure of wearing them on a daily basis.

Any stain, scuff, or flaw on a pair of Yeezys is enough to make any Yeezy enthusiast go insane. But don’t worry, with the correct equipment and the knowledge I’m about to impart, there’s no reason why you can’t keep your Yeezys as spotless as the day they were delivered — no matter how much stress you put them through.

Unsurprisingly, there are as many procedures to clean Yeezys as there are Yeezys on the market. As with anything, some methods are clearly more effective than others. When you’re scouring the internet for tips and methods on how to get that flawlessly clean crep. Everything from old wives’ tales to strong scientific methods and well-established practice can be found. I’m not one to tell you what’s right and wrong, but here’s my list of some of the finest ways to clean your Yeezys, in my opinion. Methods I’d use myself completely and be confident that I’m not doing more harm than good.

How to clean yeezys by hand?

The first way I’m going to discuss is very much a do-it-yourself project. All you’ll need is a little elbow grease and some lukewarm water. 

Pour 2 parts white vinegar into a basin with 1 part water and stir the mixture with a spoon. Remove the laces and insole from the preferred pair and start scrubbing the sole with a firm bristles brush immersed in the cleaning solution. If you prefer, you can use a store-bought shoe cleaner, such as Crep Protect.

For obvious reasons, the sole is frequently the dirtiest section of the shoe. So don’t be scared to scrub hard because the sole of your Yeezy is also the most durable element of the shoe.

The key to success with this technique is to liberally apply the solution on your cleaning tool on a regular basis to avoid rubbing the dirt into your crep. Also, make sure you don’t use the brush to knit or stitch your Yeezy model. This prevents the material from fraying or being damaged.

Replace your hard bristles brush with a soft bristled one for the upper of your Yeezy. The Primeknit upper on your Yeezy is, of course, less durable than the Boost midsole. To keep your shoe from creasing, put your hand inside it. Finally, make sure you don’t scrub the inside of the shoe or let any water in, and let it air dry once you’re done.

How to clean yeezys in a washing machine?

If you’d like a more hands-off method to washing your Yeezys, Remove the laces and insole from your crep, but instead of rolling up your sleeves, go buy yourself an old pillowcase – well, two old pillowcases – one for each shoe, not one for each pair.

Place your Yeezys inside your pillowcases and wash them on a very low setting in your washing machine (30 degrees or lower). Use only a little cleaning detergent. About half of what you’d use in your washing machine for a typical modest load. 

After the wash cycle, air dry your Yeezys and they’ll be as clean as the day they were unboxed. You can also read my blog on how to clean the bottoms of shoes.

How to Clean Yeezys 350?

Clean Yeezys 350 entails cleaning Primeknit or the Mono Pack’s strange monofilament mesh. Here’s how to clean your Yeezy 350s:

1. Dip your soft-bristled brush into the soapy water after wetting it with warm water.

2. Place your hand inside your Yeezy Boost and use it to gently clean the fabric with your soft-bristled brush.

3. Work quickly around the entire shoe, immersing the brush into the solution periodically.

4. To avoid putting filth to your Yeezy Boost, rinse your brush under the faucet from time to time.

5. Dry your Yeezy Boosts in a cool environment. Excessive exposure to intense sunshine or heat will most likely destroy your pair.

Cleaning the Monofilament mesh is much easier. We simply recommend wiping it down with a cloth and soap after each use. This will keep it looking clean for longer. Repeat the techniques above if you need a deeper clean. Just with a lot less work.

Cleaning the Yeezys 380 and 450 is essentially the same as cleaning the 350s.

How to Clean Yeezy Foam Runners?

Method to Clean Yeezys Foam Runner is the easiest but also the most difficult. Their entire body is made out of algal foam. So, a soft-bristle brush and some soapy water would be the ideal approach to clean this Yeezy. And make the most of it! You’re going to despise those perforations!

How to Clean Yeezy Slides?

EVA foam is pumped into the YZY slides. We have no idea what that is. However, cleaning it follows the same methods as cleaning a Foam Runner. However, we do not advocate putting these slip-on sneakers in the washing machine!

How to Clean Yeezys 500?

Method to Clean Yeezys 500 may necessitate a little more time and effort. This is due to the fact that most 500s have uppers made of cow suede, quality leather, and lycra. That’s three different materials that can’t be treated in the same way.


1. Combine lukewarm water and a light detergent or dish soap in a mixing bowl.

2. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth dipped in the solution.

3. Wipe away the soap with a clean wet cloth.

4. Pat dry with a cloth and air dry.


1. Use a suede brush or a small cloth towel to rub or massage the area.

2. Scuffs can be removed with a pencil eraser.

3. Finish by brushing the surface one more time.


1. Combine lukewarm water and a mild detergent (no chlorine or bleach) in a large mixing bowl.

2. Moisten a cloth and gently rub the affected region.

3. Rinse the cloth in clean water and rub the affected region once more.

4. Allow to dry

How to Clean Yeezys 700?

So, when it comes to methods to clean Yeezy 700s, there are a lot more materials to clean. Refer to the preceding cleaning methods for typical material from previous Yeezys! These resources include:

  • The V1s have suede overlays and quality leather with mesh underlays.
  • The V2s are made of roller knit and premium leather with nubuck overlay
  • Monofilament mesh for V3s with RPU overlays
  • As well as polyester nylon for MNVNs.


Treat the roller knit material in the same way that you would the Primeknit!


Treat the nubuck overlays just like the suede overlays!


RPU and polyester parts can be cleaned in the same way that leather can. After a nice wipe, they should be ready to go!

Suede uppers are included on both the Yeezy 750 and 950. So, when it comes to cleaning these Yeezys, it’s all about the dry rubbing. Just as we previously stated!

The Bottom Line

That’s all there is to restore your Yeezys to their former glory. Hopefully, now you understand every method to clean Yeezys. Use these methods and let me know your experience. Thank you for reading this blog!