how to remove water spots from windows

How To Remove Water Spots From Windows

Do you want spotless windows? The glass might be spotless on the inside, but it’s likely that precipitation and snow left water spots that are hard to remove on the outside. It is possible to find out how to get rid of the water spots without any difficulty. Follow these suggestions on how to remove water spots from windows so that your windows can shine sparkling within a matter of minutes!

What Causes Water Spots On Windows?

Before you can learn how to eliminate difficult water spots you should consider the reason why they formed in the first place. The formation of water spots occurs when mineral-rich water is allowed to dry, rather than cleaned off of the glass. When the water evaporates, minerals remain in the glass.

Although rainwater may cause spots to develop on windows, there are other reasons that could be to cause the spots. Are you able to see a water sprinkler right to your windows, spraying it? Are your gutters leaking water down the roof onto your windows? Take care of these issues, and you may be able to get rid of water spots completely!

Certain windows have treatments that are applied by the factory to stop water spots. If your windows do not have the feature you need, then could put on a glass sealant carnauba paste wax or a rain repellent to your windows. These products allow rainwater to run off the glass, instead of forming a bead upwards on the surface, thus reducing the development the formation of spots of hard water.

Remove water spots from Windows

Naturally, before treating your windows by applying a product that will keep water spots from appearing it is essential to wash the windows first. Here are four ways of eliminating water spots from windows:

  • Vinegar and water spray the glass with an equal amount of water and white distillation vinegar. Make sure you thoroughly coat those areas that have the most noticeable build-up. Allow the solution to rest for about a minute or so and then re-spray the glass until it gets dry. Get an incredibly small cloth using the solution of vinegar and water and rub the glass using the towel. Dry the window using an absorbent cloth or paper towel. If you see any spots of water left behind you can repeat the procedure.
  • Lemon: Cut the lemon in half, then rub it into the glass using a moderate quantity of pressure. The natural acidity in the lemon can remove hard water stains effortlessly. Take lemon juice and wipe it off with an easy cloth or paper towel. Then, spray it with glass cleaner, then wipe it off with newspaper for an unblemished shine.
  • Baking soda with water Make the paste using baking soda, and a small quantity of water. Place the paste on an oiled cloth and then scrub the window vigorously to let the abrasive granules made from baking soda take away the water spots that are hard. Clean the glass thoroughly using water and then apply the traditional glass cleaner as well as a newspaper to get rid of any remaining streaks and residue off the window.
  • Cleaning products that are sold in stores Commercial cleaners are readily available with the sole purpose of getting rid of water spots. To get the optimal results, you should follow the instructions printed in the package of the item you pick. Certain products aren’t designed specifically to cleanse windows and they could leave streaks. To avoid this, you should finish the cleaning by spraying glass cleaner, then wipe off the area using newspaper.

The Bottom Line

I have told you the best method of how to remove water spots from windows. Please use the above method and share your experiences in the comment section below. Thank You!