All 2023 BMWs Will Be More Expensive, Prices Rising By Up To $5,000

The Alpina B8 receives the largest price rise, followed by the M5 with a $4,200 increase.

In the United States, getting behind the wheel of a gleaming new BMW is going to become more expensive, as every car available for the 2023MY will cost more than the identical 2022MY.

An internal document obtained by a reliable source on the Bimmer Post forums shows price increases throughout the board, ranging from $150 to $5,000.

The M340i / M340i xDrive models are the least affected by the price increases, while the minimally upgraded Alpina B8, currently priced at $144,900, is the most inflated.

It's almost as terrible if you're looking for an M5, since the supercar will now start at $107,900, which is $4,200 more expensive than previously.

The X6 M has also seen a price increase, with the 2023MY costing $113,700, or $4,100 more.

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