America is running out of baby formula because 3 companies control the market

A baby formula shortage that has been affecting the United States since March has parents worried about where and when they will be able to get the items they need to feed their children.

For the week ending May 8, the out-of-stock rate, which measures how much formula isn't in stock relative to what's generally available, was 43 percent.

According to Datasembly, a real-time product data source for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.

Caregivers around the country have been forced to spend their free time going between stores in search of formula, causing retailers to limit the quantity of cans clients can purchase.

Others have used Facebook groups and informal support networks to find the greatest nutritional goods for their children.

Elyssa Schmier recently told Fortune about her difficulty finding formula for her 8-month-old kid. "I've looked online, I have my mother in Boston looking, my mother-in-law in Florida trying," she said.

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