Anna Faris accuses Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman of abusive behavior on film set

Ivan Reitman was allegedly violent and aggressive on the set of the 2006 rom-com My Super Ex-Girlfriend, according to Anna Faris.

Lena Dunham was a guest on an episode of Anna Faris' podcast, and Faris revealed that the director "slapped [her] ass" in front of everyone.

A "reign of terror" that included "yelling" at her also left her feeling "angry, hurt, and humiliated."

"Working with Ivan Reitman was one of my hardest film experiences," stated Faris.

I mean, under this, like, reign of terror, he was a yeller, and the concept of trying to produce a comedy.

Every day, he would bring someone to justice. and I was there on my first day.

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