Buick Electra-X Concept Debuts With Old Name For Sleek Electric SUV

The Ultium platform has arrived in China for the Electra-X, GM's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center's all-electric concept (PATAC).

The coupe-styled SUV brings back a brand that was used for seven generations of fullsize luxury cars from 1959 to 1990.

The Electra-X features a swoopy body painted in Satin White Metallic and rides on 21-inch wheels with a complex aerodynamic design, and proudly wears the new Buick emblem introduced this week alongside the Wildcat concept.

The electric SUV features a full-width light bar at the back, narrow lights up front, side cameras, and pop-out door handles, all in keeping with current design trends.

It sits on a dedicated electric vehicle chassis, as seen by its small overhangs.

Because of the suicide doors and lack of B-pillars, getting inside the cabin with its two individual rear seats should be a breeze.

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