Clint Eastwood Awarded $2 Million in Fake CBD Endorsement Lawsuit

Anyone who just bought a CBD product because they believed Clint Eastwood, the star of "Cry Macho," favoured it is in for some unpleasant news.

In two lawsuits filed in 2020, Eastwood accused companies in the cannabis industry of utilizing his likeness as part of a con to attract customers to CBD merchants.

He asserts that the advertising activities, which included fabricated news stories using his name and likeness, gave the impression that he was endorsing cannabis-related goods.

Eastwood claims he has no official ties to the cannabis industry and would not have been interested in supporting any CBD goods.

The actor can now declare success in one of those lawsuits against Norok Innovations, an Internet marketing business situated in California.

According to the decision, Eastwood is entitled to $2 million in compensation, which is what his market value would have been if the business had recruited him as a spokesperson.

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