Delta reportedly offered passengers almost $10k to switch flights

In order to give up their seats and fly at a later time, a passenger with a ticket on an oversold Delta flight claimed he and other passengers were paid $10,000.

Jason Aten, a tech blogger for Inc., claimed that he recently took a Delta Air Lines flight to Minneapolis with his family.

The overbooked flight's passengers were given a stunning $10,000 in cash instead of flight credits in exchange for giving up their seats.

Delta was looking for eight volunteers. The flight attendant allegedly remarked, "If you have Apple Pay, you'll even have the money right now," according to Aten.

The incident happened at a time when travelers are dealing with flight cancellations and delays.

This holiday weekend, 3.5 million passengers are anticipated to fly despite increased COVID-19 infections, staffing shortages, and significant aircraft delays.

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