A DoorDash Glitch Let Customers Feast on Free Food, Liquor, and More

When consumers were given the opportunity to order complimentary deliveries totaling thousands of dollars due to a problem on DoorDash, the sky was the limit for them.

Word of DoorDash's gaffe spread on social media, users utilized the online delivery service to place gratuitous ridiculous orders at nearby restaurants and other establishments.

Facebook users shared various items, like a box for a new TV and four wireless controllers and a receipt for over $20,000 worth of seafood.

Reasonably enough, someone on Twitter revealed a stockpile of Plan B and another person shared an order for more than 100 bottles of tequila.

Others offered free samples of less exciting meals like wings and fries as well as looks into establishments that were overrun by the volume of food and drink orders.

A representative for DoorDash verified the "payment processing issue" that temporarily prevented users from placing orders with a payment option.

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