Drake gives away $1,000,000 in Bitcoin during a live stream

That's a cool $1 million – or £800,000 – if you're not up to date on your crypto conversion rates.

Drake took part in a live Twitch stream hosted by Stake.com to give away Bitcoin to fans all over the world.

The rapper streamed his night at the internet casino, providing live action from a variety of games, the highlight of which was a $18 million victory on the roulette wheel using his lucky number 11.

Drake's first formal live broadcast collaboration with the company was on this occasion. Unfortunately, the musician didn't have the best night at the tables. He lost a whooping $20 million in total.

At the very least, he managed to make a few supporters happy.

Viewers were chosen at random to receive gifts worth up to $75,000 in Bitcoin (2.6 BTC) as Drake video-called winners all over the world, spreading the love to his fellow Canadians as well as those from Argentina, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Jordan.

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