Emporia State football player dies in cliff-jumping accident

20-year-old football player for Emporia State, Brexten Green, perished on Saturday after falling down a cliff at Grand Lake in northeastern Oklahoma.

After redshirting the previous season, Green, a native of Cashion, Oklahoma, was ready to start his second season with the Hornets.

The death was acknowledged on Sunday in a news release from Emporia State.

Football coach at Emporia State, Garin Higgins, issued a statement saying, "It's a terrible day for Emporia State football and just a devastating loss for the Green family.

Brexten was a fantastic teammate who had a great deal of passion for this football program.

He demonstrated it by his spirit of competition, hard ethic, and desire to stand for his colleagues. He will always be a member of our football team, the Hornets.

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