FBI Grabs Over Two Dozen Basquiat Art Pieces In Museum Raid

Following inquiries regarding the validity of more than two dozen paintings ascribed to the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, the FBI conducted a raid on a Florida art museum on Friday.

According to Emilia Bourmas-Fry, a spokesperson for the Orlando Museum of Art, they were following a warrant issued by the FBI to get access to the "Heroes and Monsters" exhibition.

The government now has it in its custody. No employees of the institution have been detained, she continued.

It's critical to remember that we have still not been given reason to suspect that the Museum has been or is the focus of any investigations, according to Bourmas-Fry.

We still just regard ourselves as fact witnesses in this situation.

Federal art crimes investigators have been looking into the 25 paintings since shortly after they were found in 2012, according to a search warrant.

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