FDA plan to ban menthol tobacco

The FDA is working on a proposed ban on menthol tobacco products, which include the most popular cigarettes and cigars on the market today.

Menthol softens the harsher bite of tobacco, making it simpler for children and adults to begin smoking.

While tobacco corporations deny it, they have always targeted children because they know that getting teenagers addicted to nicotine will provide a long-term business stream.

Tobacco corporations have also targeted Black people, and menthol has been a huge help in their efforts.

Menthol products are used by 85 percent of Black smokers, compared to less than one-third of white smokers. The impending menthol ban will save lives.

According to a 2011 modeling study by a public health organization, 30% of menthol smokers would stop, and 30% of those who would have started as menthol smokers would not start.

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