Ferrari says 60 percent of its lineup will be electrified by 2026

At an investor presentation, Ferrari said that it will be 60 percent electrified by 2026, including the EV it promised last year.

At that point, combustion automobiles will account for 40% of sales, while hybrid and all-electric vehicles would account for 60%.

Its ultimate goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2030, but it will continue to produce internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles until then.

Ferrari plans to provide "three powertrains with diverse driving emotions" by 2026, according to the company.

It will use hybrid powertrain technology developed in F1 and other motorsports to power its electric engines, which will be "conceived, handcrafted, and manufactured in Maranello."

The SF90 Stradale, Ferrari's first production plug-in hybrid, was introduced in 2019.

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