Filipina wins transgender pageant in Pattaya

At a competition in Thailand described as the biggest and most renowned transgender pageant ever, Filipina Fuschia Anne Ravena was named Miss International Queen 2022.

The 27-year-old business owner won the competition by defeating 22 other competitors; competitors from France and Colombia took second and third, respectively.

Ravena, who was dressed in a glittering silver evening gown, stated, "My first message to everyone is to spread love, peace, and harmony."

In order to also commemorate gender equality, the pageant, which had been put on hold for nearly two years due to the pandemic, restarted in the Thai coastal town of Pattaya during Pride Month, according to Alisa Phanthusak.

To assist transgender women feel more accepted by society, the contest, which unites transgender people from all around the world, was started more than ten years ago.

One of Asia's most visible and open lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations is found in Thailand.

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