Ford warns of ‘significant’ job cuts as it picks Valencia for electric car plant

As the automaker reorganizes its European plants in preparation for the region's transition to all-electric vehicles, Ford has chosen its Spanish factory to produce battery.

Since there are fewer workers needed to construct electric cars, the US automaker also intends to make "substantial" personnel reductions, even at the Valencia plant in Spain.

As the continent gets ready to switch to selling entirely electric or hydrogen-powered models, automakers in Europe are moving some factories to build electric cars.

When the region changes to electric vehicle production, facilities like Ford's German factory in Saarlouis run the risk of closing.

Ford had to decide between Saarlouis and Valencia as the location for its investment in exclusive electric car technologies.

Following a resolution by the European Parliament, Europe will phase out the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2035, but some nations, like Norway, are doing it sooner.

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