How To Make Friends At A New School

There are two easy ways to make a good impression on people - either be humorous or be a badass who isn't that rude.

The problem is that people who join you for the above two traits are not your friends, but are there for their own benefits.

If your friends leave you when you're down or when you don't have the same grip on your traits as before, they will surely support you.

The process of forming friendships is entirely different, they will support you or at least try to help you in tough situations, and it doesn't happen automatically, it just takes time..

Hence, in my opinion, if the school opens (well, no chance, sorry)

After joining a group of students, you will automatically shift to the group of students who are like you.

Make sure you choose your friends wisely because it really hurts when someone you considered a friend leaves you.

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