Kanye West Loses Billionaire Status After Adidas Cuts Ties Over His Antisemitic Comments

Forbes claims that Kanye West is no longer a billionaire.

According to the article published on October 25, the rapper was removed from Adidas' list of billionaires after being fired for a litany of antisemitic remarks.

The athletic brand had previously indicated that its partnership with Ye was "under review."

On an episode of the Drink Champs podcast that has since been deleted, Kanye West stated, "The thing about it being Adidas is, like, I can actually scream antisemitic s-t and they can't drop me.

Ye's multi-year collaboration with Adidas, according to the financial magazine, was valued at $1.5 billion, and without it, he would only be worth $400 million.

The singer who thrives on controversy is sure to contest Forbes' estimate of his net worth, as he has in the past.

When he was first included on the list back in 2020, he texted the publication, "It's not a billion," Since no one at Forbes understands how to count, that is $3.3 billion.

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