Know The Best Method To Clean A Laptop Keyboard

It's very easy for your laptop keyboard to get dirty. Every day, you use your keyboard, sometimes with soiled hands.

As a result of its frequent use, it collects bacteria, oils, dirt, pet hair, food, and dead skin cells. Yuck! Here are the ways to cleaning your laptop keyboard properly.

Unplug your laptop from all power sources and turn it off.

To clear any dust or other dirt, turn your laptop upside-down and tap it gently. You might want to consider putting a paper towel underneath it to catch any spills and make cleanup easier.

Clear and clean the gaps between the keys with compressed air. It's easier to do this if you tilt the keyboard to one side and use short, sweeping motions to remove all the dust.

Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe clean the keys. You don't want liquid to drip into your computer's internals, so make sure it's not too wet.

To kill any bacteria, repeat the previous process by wiping down the keys with a sanitizing wipe.

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