L.A. banned cars from a major Griffith Park road

The fear of dying always enters Drew Valenti's head as he shares the road with motorists while riding a bicycle in Los Angeles.

Even in a location like Griffith Park, which features picturesque pathways that wind through a chaparral expanse of sycamores and live oaks.

After a ride through the park, where he goes five times a week, Valenti remarked, "You're clearly aware of your mortality, pretty much all the time."

Recently, a section of Griffith Park Drive, which runs through the middle of the park, was temporarily closed by city officials.

removing all car traffic in an effort to increase the safety of equestrians, runners, hikers, and cyclists.

After the passing of seasoned cyclist Andrew Jelmert, who was killed in April after being hit from behind by a car while out for a training ride through the park, the movement gained pace.

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