Millions of angry bees swarm over highway after semitrailer crash

When a semitrailer truck carrying them toppled on a highway in Utah earlier this week, more than 25 million bees fled.

Bee swarming clouds were spotted over Interstate 80 in Summit County on Monday morning.

According to Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Randall Richey, the vehicle overturned on the narrow route, unleashing swarms of agitated bees that began stinging bystanders and first responders.

In a phone interview on Saturday, he claimed, "We were asking drivers to roll up their windows and keep driving."

Richey, who was present, reported that the driver claimed to have heard a loud blast prior to the collision, suggesting there may have been a mechanical issue.

The driver was ticketed for driving at a speed that was too high for the circumstances after a preliminary examination revealed that he was taking curves too quickly, Richey said.

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