Prince Harry looked 'deeply unhappy' during Service of Thanksgiving, royal expert claims

Despite the fact that Prince Harry smiled for photos during Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, royal researcher Neil Sean believes it isn't genuine.

Sean said that while attending the Thanksgiving Service, Harry appeared "very upset." Sean was present during the Platinum Jubilee celebration.

"Let me tell you one thing I noticed up close, and that is that Prince Harry appears genuinely sad and not at all satisfied with his new lot in life," Sean observed.

"It's clear he misses this life, and this is a harsh reminder of what he's left behind, and I'd say he's aware of it," Sean speculates.

Upon their return, he and [his wife] Meghan [Markle] will face injunctions, newspaper attacks, and failed TV negotiations, which can't be pleasant.

Whatever he said about being confined in this life, he made a quick return to the spotlight, and that was the sense within the Royal circle today," Sean said.

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