Signs That You Are In One-Sided Relationship

If you find that you're constantly questioning whether you measure up to your partner's expectations, your relationship might be one-sided.

Frequently second-guessing yourself?

If you end up apologizing for every single fight, it’s time to think deeply about your relationship.

Say Sorry Alot

The more frequently you justify your partner's behavior to friends, family, and work, the more likely it is that they are seeing something else that you don't. 

Always making excuses for your partner

If you feel so unsettled that you can't stop analyzing how you can be more alluring, and what you can say or wear to keep your partner interested, that could be a sign.

Feel insecure

A one-sided relationship occurs when everything else is more important than you.

Partner don't prioritize you

Is it you who makes all the plans, does all the chores? If so, consider stopping.

You do all of the heavy lifting

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