Stephen A. Smith on Mavs' Jalen Brunson: 'Knicks Are a Disaster - Worse Than Dallas Cowboys'

It's no secret that the New York Knicks would stop at nothing to sign free agent Jalen Brunson away from the Dallas Mavericks.

controversial sports media figure Stephen A. Smith has been a lifelong supporter of the Knicks, and he didn't hold back when venting his anger at the team.

Smith stated on ESPN's First Take that "the New York Knicks are a mess." "The following year, I won't visit the garden.

The Knicks are worse than the Dallas Cowboys, therefore I won't even attend one game."

Naturally, Smith had to throw a dart at the Cowboys to conclude his tirade, but he did have a point.

Wouldn't signing Brunson for roughly $30 million per year at his current output lock the Knicks into mediocrity for the following four years unless he makes an even bigger stride toward stardom?

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