Steps For a Great car Wash

Spray the entire vehicle. If there are bugs or dried bird droppings and you don't want to use a bug and tar remover, use a wet soapy towel to loosen them up while you work on the remainder of the car.

Step 1

Wheel wells and tires should be cleaned. Spray well, then scrub with a wheel brush and soapy water. To eliminate grit and tiny stones, rinse the brush often.

Step 2

Begin cleaning your automobile from the top down. Using the sponge or mitt, work in tiny parts. Rinse often and don't let the soap dry on your automobile.

Step 3

To dry your automobile, use lengthy, sweeping movements that follow the curves of the body. It is essential to dry to avoid water stains and staining.

Step 4

Do you like gleaming tires? Make use of a tire lubricant. These are exclusively for the tire sides. Never get them on your tire treads, paint, or brake rotors.

Step 5

Hard dried bugs/tar: Specialty products are available to remove these.

Step 5

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