Subway Can Be Sued Over Its Tuna

According to a judge, Subway can be sued for deceiving customers by claiming that its tuna products contained "100% tuna."

A federal judge has decided that a lawsuit alleging that Subway misled customers about the composition of its tuna sandwiches may move forward.

On July 7, a judge in California, Jon Tigar, partially denied Subway's request to dismiss a continuing lawsuit, allowing the plaintiff, Nilima Amin, to attempt to support her claims in court.

The original class action lawsuit asserted that the company's tuna products were created using "a blend of diverse concoctions" when it was filed in January 2021.

Other fish species, poultry, pork, and cattle are also a part of it.

According to the lawsuit, impartial testing had "repeatedly" demonstrated that Subway created its tuna product without using tuna fish.

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