The reasons for the $3.2 trillion gender investing gap, and how to bridge it

According to a recent analysis by BNY Investment Management, if women invested at the same rate as males, there would be an additional $3.22 trillion in assets under management today.

BNY Investment Management CEO Hanneke Smits believes that closing the gap is critical, and not just for the Fidelitys and Vanguards of the globe.

For one thing, she notes that women are more likely than men to invest in social and environmental concerns.

Researchers predict that ESG investments would account for $1.87 trillion of the $3.22 trillion currently absent from the market.

"We want women to feel comfortable investing because they will drive inflows into the socially responsible investment category, which will benefit the world," she says.

"It would also assist them in becoming financially self-sufficient and able to provide for their children."

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