Toyota’s prototype 'cartridge' is a way to make hydrogen portable

One of the many challenges with hydrogen as a clean energy source is infrastructure, as moving and storing this potentially explosive gas is exceedingly expensive.

With a new portable hydrogen cartridge prototype, Toyota and its subsidiary Woven Planet believe they may have found a solution.

The concept is that they can be filled at a special facility, transported to where they're needed, and then returned when your next cargo arrives.

With a length of 16 inches, a width of 7 inches, and a weight of around 11 pounds, the cartridges would be quite modest.

They are "portable, inexpensive, and convenient energy that allows individuals to deliver hydrogen to where they live, work, and play without the necessity of pipes," according to Toyota.

According to Toyota, these could be beneficial for "mobility [i.e. hydrogen automobiles], domestic uses, and many future possibilities we have yet to envision."

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