Trump's free to use Twitter if Musk lifts his ban

According to an SEC filing from the blank check company that is taking the former president's public, Donald Trump plans to limit his use of social media such as Twitter.

Trump will be forced to make any social media post on his social network, Truth Social, and will be prohibited from making the same post on another social media site for six hours.

Trump is still free to post on any platform, at any time, from a personal account about political message, political fundraising, or get-out-the-vote activities.

According to an SEC filing from Digital World Acquisition Corp., former President Donald Trump would limit his use of social media even if Elon Musk lifts Trump's prohibition.

Trump must first post to Truth Social, a new social media platform he supports, and then can't post the same message on another social media platform for six hours.

According to the lawsuit, he can then post to "any site to which he has access."

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