United Airlines pilots to get more than 14% raises, 8 weeks of maternity leave in new contract

A tentative agreement that would grant pilots salary hikes of more than 14% has been approved by the United Airlines pilots' union.

It established the standard for the rest of the industry by becoming the first significant U.S. carrier to negotiate an agreement during the pandemic.

The arrangement comes as the airline and other carriers battle a pilot shortage, which some carriers claim has compelled them to reduce flying schedules.

According to the Air Line Pilots Association, which represents nearly 14,000 United pilots, under the terms of the agreement, pilots would get pay raises totaling more than 14.5% over the course of 18 months.

Eight weeks of paid maternity leave are also included in the two-year contract, which is a first for the airline's pilots.

Negotiations between unions and other significant U.S. airlines, such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, will be governed by the terms of the agreement.

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