US To seize a Russian gold tycoon's $300 million superyacht

According to the Associated Press, the US won a legal battle on Friday to take a Russian oligarch's $300 million yacht, which is anchored in Fiji.

The superyacht, named Amadea, is beneficially owned by gold mogul Suleyman Kerimov, who is on the US, EU, and UK sanctions lists, according to US authorities.

Fijian officials apprehended Amadea in early May. According to the Associated Press, Feizal Haniff filed an appeal against the US seizure, which was dismissed by the Fijian Court of Appeal on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, Haniff stated in the appeal that the US could not seize Amadea because it is based in Fiji until a judge verified who actually owned the yacht.

According to the news agency, Haniff intends to take the matter to Fiji's Supreme Court, where he will seek a court order barring the US from taking the yacht outside of the nation until the appeal is heard.

According to the Associated Press, the Court of Appeal's judgment will take seven days to take effect as part of the ruling, allowing for any additional appeals to be submitted within that time frame.

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