World's nuclear arsenals on the rise 

Although the world's major countries vowed to work toward a future free of nuclear weapons in the past, worldwide stockpiles are anticipated to grow in the following decade.

In a report, the SIPRI stated, "There are clear indicators that the reductions that have defined global nuclear arsenals since the conclusion of the cold war have ended."

The allegation comes as the West grows increasingly concerned about China's and North Korea's ambitions to enhance their nuclear arsenals.

The United States believes North Korea is about to execute its seventh nuclear test.

At the Shangri-La Dialogue summit over the weekend, China's Defense Minister said his country had made "great progress" in creating new nuclear weapons.

While SIPRI claims that China is "in the midst of a considerable development of its nuclear weapon stockpile," it also points out that China and North Korea are not the only ones to blame.

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